work•horse (wûrk hôrs ) n. 1. Something, such as a machine, that performs dependably under heavy or prolonged use.
2. A person who works tirelessly, especially at difficult or time-consuming tasks.
At Stratton-Carpenter & Associates, we believe in relentless action to help our clients meet their goals, objectives, and aspirations.

We believe in transforming concepts into solutions, ideas into achievements, and guidance into results.

We don’t just make things work; we make things work for you. We specialize in diving into complex circumstances, where experience is at a premium and where our clients’ needs come first.

We are a different kind of company, where substance is more important than sizzle, where your accomplishments take priority over our accolades, and where—no matter what—the job gets done.


Mike Stratton provides Colorado political analysis to CNN’s John King
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